5 digital marketing trends that every entrepreneur and business owner needs to know

- December 15, 2021 3 MIN READ
digital marketing is essential for business success

Did you know that over 70% of start-ups fail because of premature scaling? As an entrepreneur, knowing about the business and the products or services you offer is not enough. It’s the marketing that gets the word out – and great marketing is exactly what you need to scale a business, writes digital marketing expert Nick Brogden.

You probably already utilise your social media to get the word out, posting general posts onto your timeline or perhaps signing up for advertisements that you can use to target specific audiences and localities. But are you sure you’re using the online world in the most effective way to reach your target audience?

Here are some digital marketing trends that can help you do more.

1. Live video

Engaging the audience with live video sessions can add a sense of trust in the brand and build credibility. It ensures the products are authentic and makes the brand more reliable. It is easier to make an impression on people via this mode of interaction because it’s as real as it gets. Live videos are a major trend in marketing today.

It gives clients and customers the feel of meeting face to face, which blurs the boundaries of space and reduces the feeling of being distant to a great extent. Live videos help connect with people at a deeper level and establish a brand better.

2. Instagram reels

Scrolling through the reels is extremely addictive, and the catchy music tracks used in the background keep playing in a loop in our minds almost all day long. Such an entertaining and compact way of promoting products and businesses should be opted by every entrepreneur.

All you need is a smartphone with a good camera, and you’re ready to start making your reels. Reels have a time limit of 30-60 seconds and are pretty effective no matter what your business is. It is easier to have a reach of 10k+ on a reel than on a post. Reels can help entrepreneurs display their products and market them in a catchy way, compelling the audiences to look more into it.

3. Facebook and Instagram stories

Customise stories and make them interactive by adding a question directed to your potential customers. You can also create fun polls and interact by asking engaging questions to the audience. Posting well-crafted, customised, and interactive stories regularly on Facebook and Instagram can help you get better engagement.

Posting stories and posts on social media platforms can keep the audience in the loop and know when new products are on sale or when a new service is launched. It’s a great way to keep them updated with your business. It also helps find clients once the followers are increased.

4. Evergreen content

The content you post regularly should be relevant for a while. In fact, for a long time. Relevance and relatability help attract people to your business and products. Evergreen content makes the articles or blogs a success, which helps to spread the word quickly. It’s always best to post timeless content until your products or services are specific to a particular cause.

It’s also easy to retain and gain new customers with such content. When new customers land on your website or social media platforms, it doesn’t disconnect them but continues to engage with your content and products.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Applying AI in digital marketing helps to analyse client or target audience data and plan a marketing strategy. Send personalised emails, automated follow up emails, messages, and posts towards specific target groups to help evoke a more fruitful response. Your target audience will find the content relatable and relevant, which makes better conversions.

You get an in-depth analysis of customers, the campaign metrics, and others with AI tools. Plus, you reduce manual work and human errors.

Final thoughts on digital marketing

Digital marketing trends change with time, but it’s how you adapt to the trends and stay updated with tools that make you stand out from the crowd. Sticking to traditional tools and practices doesn’t help boost your business in any way. 

Stay relevant but keep yourself updated with changing times as an entrepreneur. Make use of these trends at the moment and reap the benefits of digital platforms with emerging marketing tools.

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