5 CEOs share the best advice their mothers ever gave them

- May 12, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

Ahead of Mother’s Day we caught up with some of the nation’s leading CEOs to hear the best advice they ever received from their mums.

Nati Harpaz, CEO, Catch Group

“My mother is a lawyer so I grew up in a house hearing about business and law. When it was time to choose my line of studies my mother said I should be studying law because whatever I do it will serve me well. I ended up studying law and technology and she was right. The legal background served me well in my commercial and entrepreneurial journey.”

Justin Hales, co-founder, the Sharing Hub and CEO, Camplify:

“My mum was a disruptor without even knowing it! She always told me – just because others do it that way, doesn’t mean it’s right.”

Dave Eddy, CMO, Camplify

“You can do anything – whatever you want to do – just be nice to other people and you will be successful”

Ryan Gracie, Group Head of Marketing, Catch

“Mum was a superwoman, a single Mum of two who worked two jobs to keep the family going and make ends meet. Mum taught me that everything comes through working hard, working smart and persistence. She always encouraged me to do new things, don’t be afraid of taking risks, that it’s fine to fail, but to have a go and keep on going.”

Mike Rosenbaum – CEO & Co-Founder, Spacer

“Find what makes you buzz and keep persisting”

While we may not realise it at the time, as these comments show, our mums are often a font of great advice. So don’t forget to heed their words this Mother’s Day!



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