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4 top social media priorities to focus on for the biggest rewards

- April 26, 2023 3 MIN READ


Social media moves faster than Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible movie … and not only is it fast, features are being added to each platform almost weekly, and there’s more platforms appearing every year, writes Nicole Jameson, digital strategist and Director of Dark Horse Agency.

Exhausted and overwhelmed by it all? I get it. How on earth is your small business meant to keep on top of it all?

The trick is to pick the high-level wins that have the greatest chance of moving your business needle. Work out what the cream of the crop is when it comes to your digital marketing, instead of trying to do everything.

As someone who manages hundreds of social media accounts, these are the top four digital priorities I believe you need to focus on, to optimise your money and time and get the best bang for your buck on social media.

1. Build an email list

Social media and digital marketing builds influence, reach and access to audiences that you do not own. You’re basically growing and tending to a garden in someone else’s backyard.

This comes with inherent risk, because you can be: locked out, shut down and hacked. There’s also constant technology and rule changes and updates that can interfere with your plans (Reels strategies for 2023 anyone?).

As a small business owner, you should curate and manage an audience that you own. This will support your customer journeys and business targeting and ensure that if the unthinkable does happen (you’re locked out of primary social account) you can still communicate with your customers. So, should you have to rebuild, at least the foundations are already there.

2. Optimise your social media platforms for sales

Take some time to make sure your social media platforms and bios are optimised for sales, enquiries and searchability. This is incredibly important.

Again, as the features, platforms and competition in your industry changes, you must ensure that your social media is in the best position to make those sales and enquiries – with minimum barriers to purchase.

  • Be clear about who you are, what you do (what you’re selling), the action you want visitors to take and how they can take that action.
  • Make sure you’ve used all the features the platform has provided to you: weblinks, hashtags, address, shopping options – if the platform has given you the option, use it.
  • Ensure that where you send people is easy to navigate and is quick and seamless to buy/book/get more info. Slow website loading will be the death of your brand.

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3. Diversify platforms

It’s dangerous investing all of your time, effort and money into one platform. Last year we had a massive spike in customers distressed because their Instagram account had been hacked, suspended, shut down or inaccessible due to a multitude of Meta Business Manager administrative issues. Some we could recover or save – some we couldn’t.

The lesson here is, if you focus on one platform, or two platforms that are connected (such as Instagram and Facebook), if one goes bang, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll both blow up.

So be smart and diversify – if you’re a small business owner and only focusing on Instagram, think about what other platforms you could stretch your business into, because only having one puts you in the digital danger zone.

We recommend our clients are on at least three platforms. The next point will tell you how to achieve that without losing your mind.

4. Content stacking

I’m a small business owner too, and I understand that the number of different hats we have to wear is endless. Social media can be overwhelming, confusing and a huge energy suck.

I have a solution and have been using this approach myself to manage an increasing need for client content. It’s called content stacking. This basically means using one piece of content to create a multitude of other smaller pieces of content that can be repurposed onto different platforms.

For example, a blog post can be repurposed to be an email newsletter, a LinkedIn article and a script for a long-form video (used on YouTube, websites and Facebook). That blog post can also become smaller Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts. And the long-form video can become smaller videos to be used as Reels (that can be repurposed as TikToks and YouTube shorts).

From one piece of content you can create 30, 40 or 50 pieces of content, with little additional effort. Stack your content, and you stack your time, money and energy too.

And lastly, I beg of you – do this immediately if not sooner – please, please, please activate two-factor authentication on all your social media accounts.

Follow these digital must-dos and I promise you, by the end of the year, you’ll be reaping those high-level rewards.

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