Match My Ride: The Mumpreneur Shaking Up Car Sales


What is Match My Ride?

It’s a platform that connects people who want to buy a car with dealers. Buyers fill out a wish list in terms of price point, make, model, kilometres and that instantly goes to a dealer network. You can put your feet up and the dealer network will do all the running around for you and come back with some options.

How did you get those dealer networks on board?

Being a single mother, and a woman, it was extremely hard because I’ve been working two jobs for the last three years trying to push this forward. I started by pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and getting some awareness there. I had some great feedback and had a few dealers get on board, then there were a few more. LinkedIn has been quite helpful. I’ve had a lot of people just look at my profile and say what a great idea it was and that they’d like to come on board

So how does it work? Do you take a cut?

So the dealer gets the lead for free, then if a successful sale is made, there’s a $200 fee I take. It can get really expensive for dealers to list on other sites, so $200 per car is reasonable. I’m into affordability. I’d rather have a lot of dealers getting a lot of work than having a few and then taking the money out of their pocket before they can get it.

How have you stood out in what has been a traditionally male dominated industry?

It’s been tough – I’d get asked if I’d actually come up with the idea or if someone else had. Lots of people didn’t have time for me. I was thinking about hiring a man to go around and knock on the doors. I’m an ex police officer, so you know I worked in a male dominated area and probably because of my uniform, people were a little bit easier to talk to than if I’m going in without a uniform.

I did a lot of research on car dealers, basically, you know, how the operation works, how the vehicles come in, what they’re charged to list on other sites. So I’d have the numbers and say “you’re charged a $1200 buy-in and $35 per click for your other platform. some dealers are getting between $300-500 worth of clicks over the weekend, so how many cars do you need to sell to actually pay for that and make a profit?” Once you have the numbers and show how you can save them money, it’s easier.

What’s next?

I’d love every brand in every state and territory to come on board so my customers know when they put in their wish list that someone’s going to call them and match their ride. And then I’d like to move onto real estate by the end of the year. Pity I’m a one-man band! I’d love to be able to have a business where I could work in the business and employ people to actually do different roles and just be able to expand.

If someone came to you with a great business idea, what’s your advice for them?

They have to really study the field they’re in. Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean it’s going to work. Do as much research as possible.

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