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3 steps to hiring the right person

- September 17, 2017 2 MIN READ

How often do you hire staff who just don’t seem to measure up and then you end up having to work twice as hard? The good news is that’s easy to change.

Years ago when I created my business from the ground up, I did so with a firm belief that I was the only person that could do my business, and do it well. Because I believed that nobody could do the work as well as I could. And guess what sort of staff I hired? People who couldn’t do things as well as I could. My point of view actually created the people who showed up to be hired.

Here are three foolproof steps that can lead to hiring the right staff, that will benefit both you and your business.

Hire people who know more than you do

This is my number one tip when hiring. Look for people who know more than you do and can do what you do even better than you. Why wouldn’t you hire people who can do things better than you? Having highly competent people working for you, who truly enjoy doing the work that needs to be done, will expand your business.

Hire people who love money 

Someone who loves money will create more possibilities for your business because they expect to have money. They may not come from wealthy families, but they will make money for you and for themselves because they desire to create more. There are people who function from a poverty mindset. Ever met someone who thought there is a limited pool of opportunities? Don’t hire people who have a poverty mindset.

Hire people who add value to your business

Another great question to ask is: ‘Will this person add to the business in some way?”

When you are interviewing job candidates, I recommend asking during the interview ‘ What is the one thing that I haven’t asked you that I should know about you?’ This question has a way of getting them to tell you what they don’t actually want you to know. They might say things like, “Sometimes I run late” or “I don’t really like answering the phone.” This is about getting information so you can make choices that create the greatest future possibilities for your business.

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