3 Aussie entrepreneurs share their resolutions for the New Year

- January 1, 2021 4 MIN READ

To borrow from the Queen, 2020 was an annus horribilis. Little wonder business owners and entrepreneurs are looking forward to the new year. We caught up with three local entrepreneurs to see what their resolutions are for 2021.

Alex West, CEO of Swoop, Australian telecommunications provider

This year has been hard for the obvious reason that we have been faced with a global pandemic. For many small businesses, it has been a year of pivoting, restructuring and for some, it’s been considered a year of survival.

Coming out of the pandemic, 2021 is going to be about growth and expansion. We have already increased our headcount to accelerate and execute our growth plans, and we will continue to do so into the new year.

In March, our team moved from working in the office five days a week to working from home. As a result of COVID, my home is now a farm in the Hunter Valley – which is a different dynamic from city life. Successfully running a business with multiple staff dotted across two states is harder to do when you are not in a city – even more so when in such a remote location. So I’d also say, running a successful business from a regional location is also a big personal business goal of mine in 2021.


Simon Davies, Founder and CEO of Bastion Brands, Australia’s leading healthcare marketing agency 

Focus on the important things that build value for the business: Our product, our clients and our team. I also want to ensure we continue to lead industry educational events such as the Sydney and Melbourne Pharma Marketers event we are gold sponsors for, which hosts more than 180 young pharmaceutical marketing professionals. I want our business to continue to contribute to our industry in this way, and we will see the next one take place virtually in 2021.

Stick to the basics and deliver exceptional results for our clients. I am also determined to continue to make a significant impact on furthering social causes and supporting the community in 2021. Our work with the One in Five charity, which funds research into mental illness, is a perfect example of how Bastion Brands has done this. We have worked with them for three years on a pro bono basis and made significant developments in the mental health space. I plan to further accelerate this awareness in the community in 2021, especially for a younger age demographic.

Keep strong and healthy in order to lead the business in the best way I can. And given we are in the healthcare space, it is extremely important to me that we spread the right health messages and educate as many people as possible.



Jeremy Chen, co founder and director of Good Things

If I had to do 2020 again I wouldn’t do a thing differently. As a team we stayed calm, kept our heads down and despite a few small slip ups we came out the other end more resilient, stronger and better. I’ve certainly learnt a lot and have used the experience to focus on our future goals.

In the midst of 2020 we made some decisions with the very immediate future in mind that realistically might have been snap judgements. But as the saying goes hindsight is 20/20. My resolution for next year is to think longer term and look at planning for 1 year and 3 years down the track instead of 1 month to 3 months.

We are taking the next few years incredibly seriously in terms of our growth and expansion. With new hires and products to be launched in the near future, we are aiming to cement our position as a preferred supplier to top Australian and international brands.

In 2021 I think consumer expectations will continue to be raised as e-commerce becomes more widely adopted and utilised. Developing easier, more user-friendly and quicker processes to checkout will be instrumental in dominating the online retail market.

Personally, the resolution that comes to mind is the obsession most cyclists have with their weight especially when riding up hills. I have a hill climb challenge to tackle Mount Donna Buang in February so I’ll be resisting the temptation to goug myself over the Christmas break. I’ve learnt you just can’t outride a bad diet so the plan is to eat super clean and eliminate my sugar intake while not riding.



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