“How I transformed my small business.”

Starting my own business was not a walk in the park – it took lots of time, effort and more than a little stubbornness to get started and build it to what it is today. But, along the way, I sometimes needed a little bit of help. I’m the type of person who likes to do things myself, my way, but I quickly learned that I cannot do everything all at once, so there were times when I needed to look outwards for a hand.

Here are my 15 most-used online tools that helped me start and continue to grow my business.

1. Evernote
Don’t let another idea escape you! I used to try relying on my memory to store incredible ideas as they popped into my head – that failed me more than enough times! With Evernote, you can capture those amazing ideas, no matter where you are.

2. Australian Help
To help keep my credibility in tact, I often reference the plagiarism and grammar guides at Australian Help. Nothing will destroy the trust your customers have in you faster than a plagiarism accusation.

3. WordPress
I’m definitely no web designer, so having WordPress by my side was an incredible asset in helping me make my online presence felt. I easily put together my site, all on my own, using a pre-made page in the perfect theme.

4. Email Excellence
Once you build your email list, you want to use it to its full potential and improve your business communication overall, and Email Excellence is the tool to help you do that.

5. Essayroo
Delegating my content writing out was one of the best decisions I ever made. It let me focus on other areas of my business that needed development and, with EssayRoo, I always knew their professional team would give me the high quality content I’d need to grow my business.

6. Cite It In
Putting together properly formatted references always confused me and took up way more than it should have – until I discovered Cite It in, where all I’ve got to do is plug in the resource’s information and my citation is put together for me instantly.

7. Academized
When I needed to put out written content I did myself, I always referenced Academized’s grammar and content marketing guides to help ensure I wasn’t making any glaring mistakes.

8. Resumention
Resume writing was never my strong suit, but it’s the first impression others will get of you. When I needed some help writing my resume, Resumention lets me put my best foot forward, putting together a premium resume that gives me an advantage before walking through the doors.

9. Dropbox
Storing and sharing files is made easy with Dropbox. Now I’m able to send huge files to clients and people I’m collaborating with anywhere in the world.

10. Boom Essays
The experts at this company have been there when I needed them, to provide me with original content and to proofread and edit the content I put together myself.

11. Paypal
I’m no financial guru, by any stretch, so when I learned about Paypal and how easily I could manage the financial end of my business, I jumped at the opportunity. Now, I’m able to accept online payments, send out invoices and get payments from all across the globe without worry.

12. Airbnb
One of the things involved in running a business is having to travel, and although I don’t have to do it as often as others, when I do have to take a trip somewhere, Airbnb has been an incredible resource for finding a place to stay, while keeping costs low.

13. Easy Word Count
There are instances when I need to stick to a certain word or character count. In those cases, where I want to be sure I’m sitting within my limits, I use Easy Word Count for an accurate tally.

14. UK Writings
Proofreading my own content was something I tried to do in vain, until I found UK Writings. It’s always best to have someone else check over your work, especially after you’ve been staring at it for hours on end.

15. Skype
Working with people all across the world has helped expand my business beyond what I could have imagined – and being able to communicate through Skype was a huge help in achieving that. Their business packages made it possible to carry out meetings that I could, at the same time, integrate with my Office applications.

Starting my own business was not an easy task. But, I sought out help online, and found some amazing resources that I still use to this day. They helped me start my business and are continuing to help that business grow.


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Gloria Kopp
Gloria is an educator and elearning consultant with a passion for writing, technology and writing about technology. She is a regular contributor to such websites as BigAssignments, HuffingtonPost and Engadget.



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