Celebrating Earth Day: 10 sustainable small businesses

- April 21, 2017 5 MIN READ

Are you running a sustainable small business? We have chosen ten great sustainable businesses from around Australia to help mark Earth Day this Saturday 22nd April. There is lots you can do to help do your bit to make your corner of the small business world a better place.

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The Farmer’s Place, VIC 

The Farmer’s Place is small working farm, cafe and market place in Victoria. They run a market which acts as a consolidated farm gate for local farmers and producers to sell their goods. Committed to sustainability and minimising their impact on the environment, their cafe is made from recycled shipping containers, reclaimed timber and glass.

This dream green team are passionate about creating an environment where people can engage with the food cycle, grow produce in the garden, cook with local produce and compost their food waste to return nutrients to the soil. They also run educational programs to promote environmental awareness and sustainable living through community engagement.

The Sustainable Salon, NSW 

The Sustainable Salon provides high-end Salon and Barber services to men and women without toxic chemicals in a safe environment. Owners Diego Padilla Vargas and Zoran Petric have developed the ‘Pay What You Feel’ system on all non-chemical services.  They feel this empowers their customers and provides access to premium services for the community.

Caravan Eggs, VIC 

Caravan Eggs is a family owned business that produces free range eggs. Their hens spend their days grazing on the productive soils and have 24/7 day access to fresh pastures, moving location once every three days. The team use sustainable agriculture systems and use responsible animal husbandry practices. They do everything they can to ensure their 450 Lohmann Brown and 1500 Hy-Line Brown hens are always comfortable.

Albox Australia, SA 

Albox was founded in 1989 and is Australian owned and operated. This product development company specialises in the design of leading edge products for records management such as office, archival and photographic. Albox’s design program uses environmental friendly comp temporary materials to replace both PVC and paperboard in stationery applications.

Two Chaps, NSW 

Two Chaps is a ‘from-scratch’ cafe and bakery with a sustainable approach to all of its operations. Their bread and pasty are made by hand everyday using sustainable and organic Australian flours. Their enticing menu including fruit danishes and fig and walnut sourdough bread is driven by a strong focus on local supply and supporting like-minded producers.

Borgelt & Craig Architects, QLD 

Borgelt & Craig Architects
 was established in 1995 as a partnership between two sisters, Julie Borgelt and Deborah Craig. They are a small building company based in Brisbane who have a passion for building sustainable custom new homes, as well as helping the Brisbane public to save their iconic old timber homes. They see so many of the iconic Queensland homes being demolished to make way for a “Cookie Cutter” home. The team at Borgelt & Craig Architects are offering contemporary restorations and extensions to ensure that these homes are saved.

Fun Over Fifty, QLD 

Fun Over Fifty is a family run business which includes three generations of women from one family. There is also ‘a husband’, office staff and on-road crews of drivers and hostesses. The team are committed to creating a more sustainable tourism industry and helping the communities they visit prosper and grow in a sustainable manner. The team launched a Green Guest Policy in 2015, partnering with select hotels to help reduce tourists impact on the environment.

Bodhi’s Bakehouse, WA 

Bodhi’s Bakehouse
 is a Western Australian small business founded in 1981. They produce environmentally sound, high-quality, health-conscious products that have been baked and matured since 1981. New owners John and Hane Noonan bought the business in 1986 with the idea of moving away from ordinary wheat breads to more health-conscious eating. The bread is baked in natural gas-fired ovens, rather than wood-fired. Why? Gas is more environmentally friendly and produces less smoke. They make every effort possible to be ethical and environmentally conscious.

Environmental Printing Company, WA

Environmental Printing Company launched in the early 1980s by owner Craig Campbell in Western Australia. Craig wanted to print with minimal impact on the environment. So, he began experimenting with vegetable-based inks, and discovered a way to ensure that the quality of print was not compromised. He continues to implement more environmentally friendly practices into the workplace.

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, NSW 

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure was founded by Mick Boyle in 1994, to deliver the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities. Abergeldie designs and delivers dams, bridges, tunnels, recreation facilities, water treatment and process facilities, rail and mining infrastructure, electrical substations and marine works to areas across Australia.

7 ways to get your small business involved in Earth Hour

What can you do?

1. Host an Earth Day event for staff such as a morning tea for employees (in the park of course).
2. Do one positive thing to cut down on waste in your small business.
3. Promote your participation through social media, newsletters and websites.
4. Invite staff and customers to take part in Earth Day events.
5. Suggest employees participate with family and friends.
6. Encourage staff and customers to take simple actions that make a difference.
7. Encourage employees to get out and enjoy nature over the Earth Day. 

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