Is your business making one of these big mistakes?

There’s nothing to launching a small enterprise nowadays, and many inventive entrepreneurs are going into business overnight. To keep your wheels rolling after you’ve taken the company off the ground, you’ll have to think the venture through with due care and brace your business capital and interests against harm.

Here are 10 mistakes that can slaughter your business’ success.

1. Wrong ownership model

Many small businesses fall through quickly after takeoff due to inappropriate ownership model selection. While running a sole proprietorship entitles the owner to greatest rights, multiple-owner models such as a limited liability company or partnership can be a better choice in some cases as they entail shared rights and responsibilities.

2. Bad company HQ location

Company success depends on client response, which is why you should pick an office in a hot location if you want to attract clients. The HQ location may not matter all that much for young brands who communicate with their clients online, but a corporate seat in the downtown does make a better first impression for companies that do business with local customers.

3. Slapdash niche selection

A company shouldn’t count its profits before it’s made sure the chosen niche is worth a shot. To avoid losing a small fortune as soon as you’ve jumped into business waters, do your research homework thoroughly and pay attention to factors such as competition, demand, and market prospects. The preliminary market spiel will save you a lot of cash and stress later on.

4. Customer care deficiencies

For a young brand, customer satisfaction should be a top priority. Nobody likes companies that care about profits only and treat customers like milking cows. That’s why up-and-coming brands should pay an extra dose of attention to their clientele and offer special discounts or favours to regular customers.

5. Faulty employee casting

Young businesses faced with rapid growth often have to loosen their hiring policies if they want to survive in the business. Nevertheless, recruitment oversights can break a brand’s success within months, which is why you should handpick your team based on probation period performance rather than qualifications or previous experience.

6. No delivery guarantees

If you want end-users to show you their cash, you need to show a little up-front appreciation for their trust. This means extending guarantees that a service or merchandise will be delivered in full and on time. By promising a refund in case of delivery delays, you’ll earn potential clients’ confidence and convert them into regulars more easily.

7. The law-wise red flag

In order for your brand to operate legally, you may need to procure a range of permits or similar license to back your brand’s credibility up.

8. Aversion to adaptations

Companies that rise to top industry tiers overnight can lose clients as quickly if they refuse to adapt to the constantly changing market landscape. In most industries, competition is getting fiercer by the day and small businesses have to keep an open mind and embrace innovations if they want to survive and ensure long-term sustainability and growth.

9. Premature brand launch

Launch timing is one of the most important factors that can make or break a business’ success. To avoid unpleasant surprises or unwarranted losses, don’t go in tossing business sparkle too early. The failure to gauge market developments and demand prior to launch can cost a small business an arm and a leg in the long run, so be sure you’ve covered all the vital business bases before you open your doors to the clients.

10. Overspending too early

Starting a business is a costly affair, but it doesn’t mean you should spend the launch capital too early or without due forethought. Before you open your doors to the public, write down the costs of launch and operation in the first few months such as rent, utilities, furniture price, and wages. See if and for how long you can afford to stay in the business hoops in case your company doesn’t hit jackpot right away.

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