10 marketing tips to do in 10 minutes for your tradie business

- September 2, 2021 3 MIN READ

If you’re a tradie with your own business, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time to focus on the marketing and sales side of things.  No doubt your days are full trying to get all the work done as efficiently as possible so you can maximise your income, writes tradie and Autoscreen founder Jason Squirs.

That’s all well and good, but how do people find your business?  How do you attract new customers?  Do you rely on word-of-mouth?  Flyers in postboxes?  Fridge magnets?  Decals on your van?   If you want business success, you can’t just rely on old-fashioned methods or luck to get you there.

Strong customer relationships are key and today’s tradie needs to be visible where it counts.  When a customer needs a tradie, it’s often for a job that needs to be done in a hurry so you need to make sure your target audience knows you, trusts you and can find your business easily – especially online.

These 10 marketing tips will work for your tradie business 24/7.

Tip 1:    Ask for a review

Online reviews are a great way to improve your search engine rankings and they give a strong visual message about your business.  Even if a potential customer doesn’t read the actual review, the little yellow stars pack a powerful punch.  When you finish a job, you should ask your client to leave a review on Google or Facebook or send them a request for a review when you email them your invoice/receipt.

Tip 2:    Send unconverted clients a follow-up email

Any lead holds the possibility of a sale, so it is important to follow up on any clients that didn’t convert initially.  Even if this doesn’t lead to an immediate response, you’ll be reinforcing your details and giving yourself a chance to be considered when they next need a tradie.

Tip 3:    Post on your social media (yes, tradies should have one)

Get your socials working.  Put up posts on Instagram, Facebook and your Google My Business profile of jobs that you’ve recently completed.  Take pics from interesting, fun angles and make sure your content is engaging and exciting.  You can even post videos of exciting or challenging projects you have done.  If there’s an opportunity to post a ‘how-to’ video of something relevant to your business or service, consider doing that too.

Tip 4:    Reply to comments on your social media

By replying to comments on your social media (both positive and negative), you demonstrate that you care about what your customers think.  It shows that you are responsive and genuine and it’s a good opportunity to personalise your tradie business.

Tip 5:    Join local Facebook groups

Look for opportunities to post in relevant Facebook groups to attract new business.  These groups may be for residents in your local suburbs or may be relevant to a particular niche, such as ‘Perth’s home and small businesses’.

Tip 6:    Tradies should give LinkedIn a whirl

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and look for new connections that may generate leads.

Tip 7:    Research local networking groups

Consider joining networking or interest groups in your area.  Small businesses advocating for one another can be a good way to strengthen your reputation and generate leads.

Tip 8:    Tune into podcasts

Why not listen to an educational or inspirational podcast when you’re driving between jobs?   They’re a great way of broadening your knowledge base and learning new things that could benefit your business – and they make the commute much more fun!

Tip 9:    Put business cards to work

OK, this is an old-fashioned marketing trick, but it works.  Drop off some business cards at your local cafes, your suppliers offices etc and spread the word.

Tip 10:  Fire up your digital marketing strategy

Ideally, you need your business front and centre of the search engine pages where your local customers can find you when they’re looking online for a business like yours.   If search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t yet on your radar, you should be talking to a digital marketing specialist about a strategy that will boost your online presence and ensure that your tradie website is found by those who matter.

These marketing tips come from one of Perth’s leading windscreen repair and replacement companies, Autoscreens.   This family owned and operated business has built on its successes over the years by providing superior service and workmanship as well as by continually focusing on their marketing strategy and doing all the things that they’ve listed above!  They know how important marketing is and they strongly encourage small businesses to help one another in every way possible.

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