10 mind-blowing Australian cakeries

- June 6, 2017 4 MIN READ

These ten fantastic cakeries from around Australia deliver exquisite sweet temptations. Which one is your favourite?

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A Little Cake Place, Brisbane

A Little Cake Place was created in 2012 by Caitlin Mitchell, who worked for a travel agency before creating her own small business. Funnily enough, she first started decorating cakes in 2011 after being inspired by the movie Bridesmaids. Caitlin has enhanced her personal style of old elegance and vintage designs by working with and learning from well-known cake decorators.

Andy Bowdy Pastry, Sydney 

Pastry chef, Andrew Bowden’s obsession with toffees and cakes grew into a budding Sydney small business. Inspired by both of his grandmothers fantastic cooking, Andrew went to London and talked his way into working in getting a job in a kitchen and worked under Stephen Fredericks. His style has changed over the years but his passion is cakes which taste as good as they look.

Frangipani’s Cakes, Adelaide

The founder of Frangipani’s Cakes Fran Mackie discovered her passion for cake decorating when she was 15 years old. She was offered the opportunity to make a wedding cake for a relative’s wedding and that ignited her passion for making “all things cake”. She practiced and taught herself from how to decorate cakes books. These days, her entire family is involved in the small business. With her mum working on admin, her daughters helping making the cakes and her husband is the Manager of Dispatch and Distribution. It truly is a family business!

Cake Ink, Melbourne

Melbourne-based boutique cake studio, Cake Ink, was founded in 2009 by Janelle (Cake) and Samone (Ink). Janelle is responsible for making the cakes while Samone decorates them beautifully. By combining their talents, these two creatives have produced a unique style. They draw their inspiration from nature, fashion, photography, travel and of course, each other.

Sugar & Spice Cakes, Adelaide

Twenty-one years ago Amanda Piper and her husband Heath created Sugar & Spice Cakes. Amanda gave up her job as a pharmacist to work on their new small business which began with an order of 30 cheesecakes. They opened their first shop a year later. Celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne, Jennifer Lopez and even Oprah have ordered cakes from them. With an average of 14 weddings a week and 50 birthdays their team of twelve staff are always kept busy. They pride themselves on creating stunning one of a kind, couture cakes.

Carina’s Kitchen Perth, Perth

Carina’s Kitchen was founded by Carina Vega in Perth. Carina realised a traditional job wasn’t going to suit her lifestyle after she had taken time out of the workforce to have her daughter. So she decided to open up a cake business. When she noticed that there was a huge and growing demand for vegan products she began offering vegan options. These vegan cakes turned out to be the most popular. So she now focusses on creating and experimenting with fantastic vegan baked goods. She prides herself on the fact that her products don’t contribute to animal cruelty and are more sustainable.

Buttercreme Lane, Sydney

Flowers by Lady Gnarrbo

Buttercreme Lane was founded by Daniella Boutros in the heart of Sydney. What started of as creating cakes in her apartment kitchen has grown to be a spectacular small business. She now works with customers to create custom designed cakes for all occasions and has focussed on building her business through social media.

Sweet Little Vintage, Darwin

Sweet Little Vintage was founded by Petroula Tomazos, who began baking as a young girl and eventually started selling her Greek sweets and cupcakes at the markets every Friday. When her desserts were an immediate success three years ago she decided to turn her passion into a small business. Petroula’s recipes are made out of love for baking and she is passionate about creating unique flavours.

Sydney Smash Cakes, Sydney

Claudia Abrahams is the proud owner and founder of Sydney SmashCakes. After being bombarded with requests from friends and family, Claudia started her business in 2016. The Bondi resident first fell in love with SmashCakes when she made one for her daughters birthday. As an artist and former graphic designer, Claudia loves being creative and has designed everything from skulls to racing cars. Even a 10th anniversary celebration cake for Kochie’s Business Builders!

Sukar, Perth

Perth-based cakery, Sukar, was founded by Nermin, who has always loved baking and creating cakes. While her friends were out playing, she would be perked up on the kitchen bench whisking away eggs for cake batters. Years later, she carried on his passion for cake decorating to establish Sukar. Nermin says her signature style is sophistication with a love for texture, detail and patterns.

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