9 awesome healthy cafes

- September 30, 2020 4 MIN READ

These nine cafe’s prove healthy eating can not only be good for you but it can taste great too.

Looking for a healthy option when you dine out? Try these cafes

Sprout Wholefood, NSW

Sprout Wholefood is a Sydney-based health conscious cafe which provides a wholefood menu that embodies three essential characteristics: it has to be good for you, it must taste good and it should make you feel good. Sprout Wholefood cates to a broad range of nutritional requirements.

Ruby’s Diner, NSW

Ruby’s Diner was found in 2008. Painted by local artist Steve Smith, the diner incorporates a selection of coffee roasts and consumption methods, raw foods, pasture raised eggs and meats, and select retail products.

Nutrition Republic, SA

Nutrition Republic is a South Australian owned and operated family business. After a short period as a sports supplement, health and nutrition store, Nutrition Republic organic espresso + elixir bar was born in late 2013. They transitioned into a cafe due to their love and desire to consume real, whole, unprocessed food. The family also noticed a gap in the market, where they found it difficult to purchase real, unprocessed, nutritious food on the go, especially taking into consideration dietary requirements.

The Nourish’d Kitchen, SA

The Nourish’d Kitchen is run and owned by Katie Stocks. Katie has worked in the food industry for the past 10 years having specialised in healthy foods, which has helped her discover the power that nutritious food has on the body. Katie aims to empower people to embrace a delicious and easy approach to healthy eating through The Nourish’d Kitchen. She sources free-range, grass fed meat from a farm, Nourish’d Pasture, operated by Francesco Tigani. The livestock are hand processed in small groups. They use every part of the animal so that nothing goes to waste. This practical approach is a sustainable solution for the environment.

Barry, VIC

Melbourne-based Barry cafe features a range of incredible dishes that go beyond the average cafe. The team at Barry cater for the gluten-free, vegan and health conscious with nutritious dishes like acai chia pudding with basil macerated strawberries and coconut. Plus, their coffee is made with their own blend of 5 senses.

Patch Cafe, VIC

Melbourne-based Patch Cafe was founded by Tommy Davidson and Jacob Burke. Patch is Australia’s premier clean eating, paleo inspired food lifestyle brand. It has become one of the destinations for the booming momentum of health conscious Australians. They source ethical seasonal produce that is crafted into a fun, diverse menu that makes paleo inspired eating accessible and enjoyable.

Nature’s Harvest, WA

Nature’s Harvest is a Western Australian based healthy cafe. Owners Hament and Sonal took over Nature’s Harvest in December 2013 which was the beginning of their transformation journey with this store which was established in 1982. Since moving to Australia in 2010, Hament has co-authored books, founded Coach 26 (personal and business transformation) and established Nature’s Harvest into a holistic health destination. He has reached thousands of people through business training workshops, personal coaching and breakthrough events.

Deetox Health Cafe, QLDQueensland-based Deetox Health Cafes and Bars were established in 2009. After many years of creating paleo and vegan treats for Deetox cafe and bars, the owner Krista decided to share her unique treats with other cafes, health food stores and restaurants throughout Australia. She prides herself on creating healthy meals ranging from gourmet salads, wraps, paleo pulled meats, sandwiches, gourmet burgers, and acai bowls.

The Ugly Duck Out, TA

Tasmanian-based The Ugly Duck Out is a family owned restaurant that delivers freshly sourced, local ingredients, catered to all dietary needs. Everything on the menu is handmade including wholemeal burgers to local seafood, salads and curries. The team at The Ugly Duck Out maintain their focus on being ‘green, healthy and sustainable’.

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