10 Aussie fitness personalities making it big in small business

- November 2, 2017 5 MIN READ

Fitness is big business in Australia. These days, a clever personal trainer can use social media and the media to create a big brand for small business. We have highlighted 10 fantastic fitness personalities here who have turned passion for fitness into a successful business. So, what does it take for a fitness guru to become highly influential and make their mark in small business?

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Tim Robards

Tim Robards is a chiropractor, human biomechanics enthusiast, speaker and TV personality in health and wellbeing. He says he was inspired by his grandmother who avidly practiced Chinese massage. During his childhood, Tim received regular massage treatments and realised the power of having a healing touch and a skill with hands. After completing a degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, Tim pursued a career as a personal trainer, rehab provider and a chiropractor. Creating his own healthy path is key for this forward thinker.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines has become one of Australia’s up and coming fitness trainers. She is known for her famous Bikini Body Guide (BBG) which has been used by more than 20 million women all over the world. Her programs are flexible so users can choose whether to workout at home or the gym. Due to such high demand for her program, she has released a new program incorporating weight training into her BBG workouts. Creating a strong brand presence has been the secret ingredient to help make her mark.

Sam Wood

Sam Wood is a personal trainer with more than 16 years worth of experience in the fitness industry. This former Bachelor says he has brought his lifelong dream to life by creating 28 by Sam Wood. This innovative program takes 28 minutes for 28 days and had led Sam to create is own small business. During his training days, he developed his own method and training technique producing incredible results based on daily workouts, meal plans, expert advice and a healthy tool kit.

Emily Skye

Emily Skye is one of Australia’s top fitness gurus with a Facebook following of more than 1 million. Having experienced bouts of depression and self doubt, Emily decided to make a change in her life. She dedicates her active lifestyle to her change in thinking. She says she believed that if she could do it, so many others can. Believing in herself has allowed her to help others achieve similar goals with their health and wellbeing. Cleverly utilising social media including a focus on video content has been key to building her brand.

Daniel Conn

Daniel Conn is the face and ambassador of the increasingly popular F45 Training. He says health and fitness has always been an important part of his life. When he was 17 years old, he began a career in NRL playing for the Sydney City Roosters, Gold Coast Titans and Canterbury Bulldogs. However, due to a neck injury, he was forced out of the game and into early retirement. But his dedication towards sport didn’t stop him. Looking to expand on his brand and career, Daniel extended his reach through social media, TV commercials and modelling projects. With the emergence of F45 Training, Daniel says he has been able to help people achieve healthier results fast and is building a healthy business along the way.

Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines is a personal trainer and fitness lover. Her popular activewear range, Toned, has taken the industry by storm. After testing out several outfits from various brands, she wasn’t comfortable with what was available in the market. Thats when she decided to design her own activewear collection. She says her range is inspired by her journey and embodies passion, power and persistence.

Luke Hines

Luke Hines bases a good portion of his business online and is using traditional books to help spread the word about his healthy brand. Creating a healthy vision in business. His ethos? “I believe every person should be equipped with the knowledge to create clean nutritious food that is affordable and sustainable.”

Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk created a new life for herself in 2011. After competing for Australia in the pole vault at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India she made a change. Yoga and stretching was integral to her finding a new (and happier) path to fitness. Now her focus is on helping others to find the same key to fitness along with options for ‘active escapes’ and adventure holidays.

Steve Commando

Commando Steve gets his name as he was the former Team Commander with the Australian Special Forces. His motto? “Being fit is as much about the mind as the body”.

Known for his tough approach to getting fit he has ‘commando camps’ along with training options such as coaching and mentoring. He also offers corporate training and leadership options, along with an ecommerce website selling fitness products. A clever small business approach has led to a good business model.

Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges, known as the former ‘straight-talking’ trainer on The Biggest Loser, is one of Australia’s most influential personal trainers. She is the author of more than fifteen books and has also released an extensive range of e-books and DVDs. Her 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) program has been behind thousands of people losing a combined 1.3 million kilos. Michelle is an ambassador the The Australian Institute of Fitness and in 2012 launched her new clothing and workout equipment range with Big W called MB Active. She really is making it big in small business!

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